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Beauty For All SeasonsBeauty For All Seasons
Specialists in real estate tradingSpecialists in real estate trading
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Educational institution, registered at the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Latvia on April 25, 1996; re-registered on May 21, 2001; registration certificate No. 3360800098.

A professional private educational institution, aiming its work and educational programs at gaining and developing the professional knowledge of economists and other specialists in real estate (RE) branch, including the RE markets.

The educational entity is governed and the educational process is organised by professionals with profound experience in these fields.

The educational programs have been drawn grounding on the thorough studies of the particular USA and European study programs, by comparison and adaptation to the local circumstances, as well as grounding on solid experience in teaching work and practice in property industry, including market transactions.

Director Svetlana Sokolova

  • Higher education, diploma of engineer of Riga Polytechnic Institute (RPI) year 1980;
  • Council of Riga, cooperative dwelling department (1982.g.- 89.g.)
  • Professional image-maker, additional diploma (1994) USA company “Beauty for All Seasons”;
  • Additional education diploma in the program “Economical policy and management of the housing” at the Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies (IHS) in the Netherlands (1997);
  • Higher education diploma in the educational program “Economy and accountancy” at the University of Latvia (LU) “Accountancy institute” (2002).
  • Profesional education diploma in the program "Adverticing design", Riga (2010).
  • Sertificate in the 4-month program "Landscape design", Riga (2010).
  • Sertificate in the 6-month program "From idea to investor", Riga (2014).

Study director Raitis Kalninsh

  • Higher education, diploma of physics of Latvian State University (LVU) (1965);
  • Scientific and teaching work at the Science Academy of the Republic of Latvia (ZA) (1962 – 1985);
  • Docent and scientific worker at Riga Technical University (RTU) (1985 and presently); Dr. Sc. ing. (1995);
  • Practical work and consultations, regular studies of RE economy and market economy, teaching in RE fields, since 1990.

PHONE: +371 29105545
   Visitors: 5102948   

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