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Order of certification:

1. Person, who would like to pass a certification examination, shall submit written application to certification institution.

2. After receiving of an application, certification institution sends, not later than two months before the day of certification examination, to the person, under certifying, forms of review about professional activity, and notifies about the time and place of qualification examination.

3. Person under certification, who would like to obtain the certificate or to prolong validity term of certificate, shall submit, not later than a month before the meeting date of (accordingly) qualification examination or certification commission, to certification institution the documents as following:

3.1. a copy of document about achieved education (by presenting the original or by submitting a certified copy of the document);

3.2. a review about professional activity;

3.3. a receipt what confirms that payment has been made about services of issuing of certificate;

3.4. an extract from the service record or other document confirming the term of activity;

3.5. a person who hasn't achieved general secondary, secondary special, higher or industrial education in Latvian: a copy of document about command of the official language accordingly to the requirements of the Law on languages.

Certification of brokers or agents can't be passed by a person:

1. who has been tried for commitment of deliberate crime and who's criminal record is not discharged or rehabilitation is not received;

2. whose rights to perform commercial activity have been abandoned by a court decision in criminal case or in the order provided in normative acts,

3. who has been acknowledged as a disabled person by a court decision;

4. who has badly violated the requirements of the code of professional ethics of Corporation of Latvian immovable property brokers and agents.

Certificate of broker or agent is granted for the period from one year to five years, considering educational level and length of practical activity under specialty of the candidate, with rights to prolong its validity term in provided order.

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