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Open letter about FIABCI

Open Letter by Raitis Kalniņš, the President of FIABCI-LATVIJA, Dr. Sc. ing., Associate Professor at Latvian Technical University

to International Real Estate Federation FIABCI, the United Nations Economic Commission and the people of Latvia



Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

all like-minded people who care that at the heart of economical development of European and other countries in the world would dominate the principles of democratic competition, which is possible only if all participants of the process would observe the laws and the same rules of the game.

I appeal for support in order to prevent appearance of non-democratic tendencies in Latvia and the world’s real estate (RE) industry.

“NĪMA” Corporation has been the Principal Member of the world’s largest “International Real Estate Federation“- “FIABCI” since 1998, it is the organizer of its National Chapter - FIABCI – LATVIA.

NĪMA Corporation was founded in 1995 and consolidates 178 RE specialists and their companies.

In 1995 NĪMA set up RE Specialists Training Centre. Since 1998 it is called NĪMA MAC and it has trained 423 RE specialists, which is a main indicator of professionalism in Latvian RE market. Their activities have been appreciated by Latvian RE market and Latvian society.

NĪMA’s activities have been favourably assessed by the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Latvia. FIABCI management is aware of this fact.

During all these years FIABCI-LATVIJA has been working in good faith according to FIABCI Charter, and strictly observing the procedure of admission of new members, stipulated in FIABCI Charter.

It has regularly promoted FIABCI in the press of the Republic of Latvia, sent off direct invitations to the representatives of different RE professions, including frequent and repeated invitations to join FIABCI to the second largest RE specialists’ association in Latvia - LANĪDA, according to the procedure, determined by FIABCI. FIABCI management and the President Mr. Greigs were immediately informed about that.

However, it appeared that LANĪDA was not satisfied with the procedure, determined by  FIABCI and they suggested that FIABCI management should change it, in contradiction with FIABCI Charter, also hoping to change the economic balance in their favour in the RE market in Latvia.

Recent correspondence with FIABCI Secretary General Mr. Crosby, FIABCI Membership President Mr. Bekker and the President Mr. Greigs, to our great surprise, demonstrates that FIABCI management is ready, even in the breach of their Charter, to support LANĪDA’s initiatives.

I would like to mention that LANĪDA members (for example, companies Arco Real Estate (since 1999), ANNO, which FIABCI Secretariat is aware of!) have already become FIABCI members according to the procedure set forth in the Charter.

I would like to remind, that “joining FIABCI“ is not an obligation or formality, which must be fulfilled by every RE specialist by the order “from  above”, or by any person’s private desire to enhance their prestige or authority, or to stimulate “artificial” increase of FIABCI members.

Total average decrease of FIABCI members in the period from 1998 till 2004 was more than 30%!!!

When talking to Mr. Crosby and Mr. Bekker about new members joining FIABCI, I have mentioned that “a desire” to join FIABCI should be every entity’s personal decision, based on economic profitability or other benefit, which such entity can gain from joining FIABCI. If LANĪDA management or any other organization can see such benefit, then from the point of view of FIABCI-LATVIJA management, they have no obstacles to join FIABCI according to the procedure, set forth in FIABCI Charter. If somebody does not like this procedure, it is purely their fault and drawback, but not the fault of FIABCI-LATVIA and least of all it is the fault of NĪMA Corporation.

Yes, I have always openly expressed and strictly adhered to the opinion that nobody can have pretension of being a specialist, moreover, an international specialist, without appropriate professional education and practical work experience. All members of NĪMA Corporation, without any exception, have practical work experience, as well as proper professional education!

I am sure that fruitful and professional competition of both above-mentioned organizations NĪMA and LANĪDA lasting for ten years is the only precondition, which has created and is able to ensure the only favourable preconditions so that in Latvia in the near future would start functioning normal and civilized RE market, and it is absolutely unacceptable that interference from the outside would change or upset the balance of democratic and professional forces.

If FIABCI management wishes Latvian RE Association LANĪDA to become its member, then we would request to do so according to the procedure set forth in FIABCI Charter, and to make it the second Principal Member in Latvia, as FIABCI has already done in many other countries (Holland, etc.), but not to let LANĪDA Association create a monopoly in Latvian RE market and at the same time discredit FIABCI authority not only in Latvia, but also all over the world.


Yours faithfully,


Raitis Kalniņš    Riga, 2004-11-30                                                                

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